Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

~Wolfish Grin~

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Colouring Spank


Simple screaming counting letter

Point one eight seven five

Sweater go-getter better wetter

Thrive alive survive nosedive


Cupid shot paper trail penned

Deputy dog sled chasing lead

Detective sexy lace end trend

Redhead purebred moped fled


Twin switch sticks behind deer shed

Three sixteenths fraction count

Wingspread widespread well said red

Miscount account settling amount by mount

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Con dolores de pena
Una tristesa se encuentra
Entre dichos Hechos
La verguenza de partir
Que va para arriba
Y Baha abajo
Con mas velocidad
De calzones de puta

Los vemos pronto

Mientras esta bien

Que me recuerdes en sueño

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Wolfie’s sample nonsensical


Sardine tiniest tin marine
Flicker feather chirpy griller
Opus buggy slug made green
Snotty snorting choppy ribber

Oiling wheel turning gauge
Apron racks chopping knots
Black blue, red, orange and beige
Flipping lid shattering shell of clots

Clumsy legs skipping yachts
Branding iron pleating time
Unicorn here there where trots
Penny buckle dull shiny dime

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There was a moment


Brief and quiet ,truly
Mastered, poetry Kung fu
Catching raindrops cupped in hand
Whispering tales of admiration
Declaration of just and honor

There was this moment

Lesson taught

Life lived


Reflected through word

Inked by feather

Enforced by will

Forever be


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Heart this


Just because you are scrolling the dash looking for something to catch your eye.
Heart this , so you can feel like you found what you were looking for.
Heart this because you are not as mentally unstable as the person who posted this

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Mors per atramentum


Mystic light once lined inkspilled words, write

Arranged story marked a bringing life by sword, champion

Hero one day formed life made beauty, always

Tarnished the hardend steel did time, wearing


Once noted a seed planted grown to fruit, imbibed

Nectar sweet delight honeyed flavored, seduction

Cross the roads and fork the trails made journey, revisited

All started with a one word title making fairytale story, true


Vicious cycles ever spin staining spaces left clean, marked

Hearts once open gone to stone made cold, broken

Original conception cast was energy made real, magic

Simple light once lined words from sword to life, executed

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Upon the wings that water


Blue suit, black tie and shirt resembling dirty water
“Pine boxes don’t sell anymore” he said ” we have one” trickled after
“Wouldn’t you want something better, for your loved one ? He asked
Head tipped right then left,
“Nope” I replied
The box was intended for remnants not body , the box to store my lives of fiction ever more.
Placed the journal on cushion bright
Sleeping my dreams, nightmares and thoughts of past.
Together forever, entrapped away from me but close
“Can you put legs on it,? so I could use it as a bar”
Odd a request to those that live , today , but yesterday it seemed to never be

Life lived words of love and dream may end one day, and yet

A chance of resurrection should be granted to each story

Ending never after

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Sharing words turned hugs


Wonder I do, I have to…. Why is it so easy for me to talk to people?

After taking the time to collect my truck and drive halfway home, I decide to stop at a local store to pick up ice , juice and veggies.

I stop by the register and greet the young lady at the register.
I compliment her hair and she smiles. I mention that she looked like she was able to spend time in the sun and she happily told me that she and her fiancé joined a few couples at the beach.

Beautiful smile and such nice energy, I thought to myself. I paid my tab and simply said ” don’t work too hard”

Her eyes watered as she looked at me intently then replied ” I’m here, I have thirty minutes left” She managed to get out before crying.

I froze still just watching with a broken heart before she said a few more words, that ended up feeling like a punch to my chest. She added ” my mother died two weeks ago, and she said not to cry and just move on with my life” I walked closer as she continued ” I didn’t want to cry but my mom loved my hair”

She hugged me, sobbing on my shoulder as I held my groceries in my hand.

I started to reach for words of advice and attempt to console but I opted to just stand there and wait.

She eventually pulled away slowly and started to apologize when I said
” did you know?”
She gazed in slight confusion
So I started again ” did you know that a hug is great medicine for healing ?” ” I feel much better now, because you hugged me”

I continued ” I was having such a bad few weeks and attempting to find a reason or purpose for my being and just now I remembered “

" I have power in my hugs and even though my hands were occupied and you did the actual hugging I indeed felt my power restored"

She laughed at my silly idea that was more true than the dramatic performance gave way to.

I placed my groceries down and extended my arms to gently hug her again and offered to stay until her shift was over but she assured me she was just fine.

So was I ,

I am just fine