Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

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In an angry instant Mother Nature turned a happy picnic
Into a wet t-shirt contest

The beer was cold and the girls were hot or wet or … yea you get imagery

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Wolfie’s advice on how to write poetry on Tumblr


Step one: think
Step two : think a little more
Step three: decide on writing instruments or tools
Step four: apply thought by using instruments or tools
Step five: think a little bit more while reading and edit
Step six: delete all previous steps and go to next step
Step seven: open text box and type one key at a time and hit post when done :)

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Within a moment
a change did birth
Fifteen blinks
a stolen kiss
Matching sound
Roaring thunder

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Some things aim right
Others point left
Seriously confused by
Profound would be desired
To someday end in write
Final chapter, final day
Final bill to pay, last check
Signed line extended none
No More ….

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To explain


Seven events separated by three momentous actions resulting in facts spread wide as rumors and rumors mistaken for truth
My wombat song was an international/intentional act to stray from predictability and destruction as one would have calculated after the series of events laid out this day
it was a gift for a friend that indeed needed distraction
I have found little remorse in contributing to the brain deterioration of the TWC resulting from being tortured by my writes
I found heaven between thighs of fried chicken and the mashed potatoes went well with gravy
aimed to destroy my diet completely resulting in devouring a one pound burger and four beers
I did it all for you , and you and you and you and you because you and you and you and you are my number one
the beard and catfish have duct taped the monkey and run off with Bettie … And I am okay with that ….. She has glitter and will find her way back safely …. Yea it was glitter not fairies in her selfie
You read all this and now you want more
I know you do

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There is indeed an evil among us… And right now it just wants to be nurtured between wanting breasts while listening to tender lies
Wolfie (via desayunogratis)

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An inescapable view 
Set plain as screen
Decorated with thoughts
Images unseen
To a room a ceiling
To a poet a beginning

An inescapable view
Set plain as screen
Decorated with thoughts
Images unseen
To a room a ceiling
To a poet a beginning

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From on top of mount st. mattress, I do declare, my insistence on wishing to stay wrapped in dreams and endless tales