Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

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Path set forth as the city does lay still 
It is morning , it is Friday 
Street lights still on 
Green means go

Path set forth as the city does lay still
It is morning , it is Friday
Street lights still on
Green means go

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Welcome night at the VFW

He was a young veteran just a few years out of combat and asked if we feared to dream

Odd it was how we all replied with advice on how to calm thoughts before sleep in attempt to guide dreams away from violence

The old WWII veteran with an amputated leg and shaky voice declared that his only fright of dream was dreaming of peeing because he wakes up in a wet bed

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It was a sarcastic statement that left her lips but it stood ingrained in my mind for way too long

" show me a rainbow at night and I’ll do anything you ask "

It rained that afternoon leaving a puddle in my path as I walked across the parking lot

The light reflected the oil perfectly shaping and coloring a rainbow

I took it as a sign

Running upstairs to grab her by the hand

Escorted her to puddle and insisted she not only see the puddle but remember her statement

A big smile came across her face as she not only agreed but waited anxiously for my request

Her smile faded as I told her what she didn’t expect to hear

" find another lover , one that might settle for ungranted wishes "

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If Jesus was Mexican he would celebrate life and death with tequila shots while shouting a few gritos in tune with the mariachis of Mexico Viejo

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Circles twisted to a base triangulated around a sketched formed created as four sides seamed closed by arch welded loyalty promised upon a ridiculed secret disclosed as affection once recognized but now gone strange

Simplicity wore a dress stitched tightly around curves shaped abundantly within a reflection once set as statuesque but now missing parts instrumental in calling a piece completed fragmentally

Visions once spoke in riddles upon senses times five under a division eternally created internal until the escape shaped as madness captured a chaotic sense of affection

To a sky
To a cavern
To a sea
To a mountain
To a city
To a state
To a land


Tribute laid bare

Sacrifice reserved

Glory shelved

Another time