Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

~Wolfish Grin~

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In what seemed an instant

The glue which appeared to hold things together

Shifted into a calcified shattered, scattered mess

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Triggered warning

In midst of fallacies
Way beyond the galaxies
A realization sets in
Or possibly has been
Some as mere intelligent
Others way too arrogant
Yet all do indeed frown
That Wolfie is not around
Be patient and use your head
Even if the dash is dead

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There is a distance
Created as desperation leaving one to wander as a soul uncalled

There is a home
Built of finest construction and secured by an alarm that screams

There is a patch of grass
That grows and grows

There is a stillness

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She is sweetness compared to over ripened fruit with a natural essence matching a raging bull

She holds my thoughts in her grasp and manipulates them through a meat grinder

She hurts so good and mends much better

She is dream ever so dangerously real

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Watching her smile again gifted a great feeling so deep that it outmatched the fact that the smile she wore was no longer mine

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Sense equaled to sea gills chasing spiderwebs
Logic reflected in the grain within wet plywood attached to a nail clinging to a rotating tire
Love compared to the pain the butcher bears every time a pound of red meat hits the scale
There is madness in the clouds and yet they infinitely float along resembling images of innocence before lightening pierces through striking, stalling all thought
Fear is a bridge bonding everything possible with the impossible making a hesitation a lifetime ride
There is a cashier at the window and they will collect the debt you owe