Tender Nibbles and a Hard Bite

~Wolfish Grin~

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I have creativity … at a fingers touch

Laughter at a lips release

I am but one in a million states destined to wreck by collision

Meeting you

For two add once but twice are thrice the velocity made miracle

A touch beautiful as dull traced on delicate ….

A flower bloomed upon a mid-winter frost

I am

Everything warned and nothing confirmed

I am

Sickness, an addiction…

born to fluid by volume unheard, pounded to veil uncovered a night

Bared once


A million to one

The odd

The only

I am

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For two and a half days I have managed to stay busy
Busy hands along with busy mind making distractions all the plenty
Now with family before Me , I can’t help but think
Damn…. I hate thinking

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I remember a day when a young girl asked me if I loved her
It was long ago and even then I did not answer as most would
I simply handed her a flower and instructed her to ask the petals
The cempasúchitl was the flower of four hundred petals and I thought myself bright
But as she kept going I couldn’t remember which she started with and which she would end
I could not dare wait for a “he loves me not” so I stole the stem after the hundred and fifty times she said “he loves me”

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In one week…. Thursday April 24th 2014 at noon. 

TWC meet and greet at Connie’s pizza  

Come out and meet Wolfie , Lauren and visiting all the way from Australia is Nathen. There are still a few other writers trying to work it into their schedule. 

send message to Wolfie either here on Tumblr or to desayunogratis@gmail.com if you plan to attend

bianchiblue will be coming to the meet … Will you?